The Blind Writer


Director: Georges Sifianos Writer: Georges Sifianos

Music: Gustave Caprene
Production: Georges Sifianos
Country of production: France, Greece
Runtime: 10 min
Production Year: 2021

Cast: Jeanne Peylet Frisch, Malo Martin


The drawings of this film were made "blindly", that is, without looking at paper drawing, but using only touch. This deliberate test corresponds metaphorically to the author's perplexity in the face of certainties and dogmas. Faced with ready-made ideological answers, the "blind" writer admits his weakness ("ἓν οἶδα ὅὐδὐδἶδα"). The blindness here is metaphorical rather than real. In a world where "communication" has become particularly important, where images and opinions are made to order, how can one discern what is essential? What does "see" mean? Do appearances correspond to reality?
The viewer is asked to give his own answer.


George Sifianos

The director, George Sifianos, was born in Greece in 1952. He holds a PhD in film aesthetics animation

, from the Sorbonne University and professor emeritus at EnsAD in Paris, where he founded the department of animation

studies in 1995. He has lectured at universities in Europe, India, Korea, Japan and China.
As a member of the PSL academic research group, SACre (EA 7410), he is interested in the renewal of animation film formats

, particularly from the point of view of cognitive sciences. The approach animation The "blind" used in the film "The Blind Writer" is part of this research. His other research work concerns forms of motion analysis (animation),

which he spotted in the Parthenon Frieze.
His book Aesthetics of Animation Cinema received the 2014 McLaren-Lambart Award for Best Academic Book from the Society for Animation Studies

and the Hemingway Fellowship in 2015.