The Call of the Lighthouses


Director: Konstantinos Potamianos
Director of Photography: Konstantinos Potamianos
Editing: Konstantinos Potamianos
Production: Konstantinos Potamianos
Country of production: Greece

: 11 min
Production Year: 2021-2022
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English

Participants: Dimitrios Eftaxiopoulos, Elias Papandreou


A documentary that tells the story of the renovation of the two southernmost lighthouses of terrestrial Europe, from the point of view of the architect who undertook their renovation 13 years ago. The project was difficult and full of unexpected problems, due to the adverse weather conditions that prevailed there. However, he and his team eventually managed to complete it successfully.


Konstantinos Potamianos

Konstantinos Potamianos is a young director at the age of 18 as he has been involved in the field of cinema for the last 6 years, participating in festivals with short films of his own production such as: "The house where I was born", "Lockdown" & "The Call Of The Lighthouses". At the same time he is involved in the field of jazz as a drummer, in various groups and events.