The Chaplain


Director: Matyáš Lada
Writer: Matyáš
Lada, Adam Šejvl Director of Photography: Adam Šejvl

Production: Matyáš Lada
Country of production: Czech Republic Runtime: 20 min
Production Year: 2023
Language: Czech

Subtitles: English

Cast: Václav Vašák, Jiří Černý, Dana Černá, Roman Černík


Petr, a prison chaplain who acts as psychological and moral support in this context, meets Josef Procházka, the man responsible for his daughter's death. Petr wants to know if Josef regrets his actions so he can forgive him after nine years.



Matyáš Lada

Matyáš Lada (born June 21, 2004) is a Czech filmmaker. She finished her studies at Panská Secondary Film School in Prague. He has already made many short films, with which he had small successes internationally. She likes cinema, theater and anything cultural in general.