The Game


Director: Emanuele Carfora
Writer: Emanuele Carfora, Julià Xamarri
Director of Photography: Gerard Ponce
Editing: Isaac Centeno
Music: Miquel de Jorge Artells
Producer: Emanuele Carfora
Country of production: Spain
Runtime: 10 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: Catalan
Subtitles: Greek

Cast: Josep Maria Pi, Jose Gacia, Irene Pomerol , Adriana Galofre


Jose and Jordi, two friends and a pool match, the last ball to come in. Who will have the final say?


Emanuele Carfora

Emanuele Carfora is known for his films: Merlí. Sapere Aude (2019), The Hokey Girls (2019) and Alfred García: De la Tierra hasta Marte (2018).