The Hook


Director: Pietro Venier Writer: Pietro Venier
, Karan Shiriniketan
Director of Photography: Sanjeet Singh
Editing: Giorgia Flore
Music: Prashant Yella
Producer: Francesca Cangini
Country of Production: Italy
Runtime: 20 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: Italian
Subtitles: Greek

Cast: Matteo Sbandi, Alessio Curzi, Ariella Reggio


A teenager faces a dilemma: stay in the city where he was born and raised with his best friend and family, or accept a job on a distant island and disappear into rising sea levels?

the hook


Pietro Venier

Pietro Venier is a 25-year-old director and screenwriter from Trieste, Italy. After high school he moved to Rome to pursue his passion, cinema. There, he graduated with honors from DAMS (Disciplines of Arts, Music and Drama) at the University of Roma Tre. In the meantime, he was also attending the practical film school, Sentieri Selvaggi, where he graduated in parallel in two long-term courses: screenwriting and directing. In Rome he also had the opportunity to work on various projects, from documentaries to television series, mainly in the field of production. He then moved to Berlin, where he now lives. There he attended the "Master of Arts in Directing" at the MetFilm School Berlin, a degree recognized by West London University, and graduated with distinction, the highest possible grade. As a final project he directed the short film "The Hook", shot exclusively in his hometown of Trieste, with a crew half from Italy and half from the rest of the world, composed mainly by students of the MetFilm School Berlin. He generally enjoys writing and storytelling, which he followed and qualified as a journalist.