The Skasiarchio


Director: Jean-Paul Le Chanois Writer: Elise Freinet, Jean-Paul Le Chanois

Director of Photography: Andre Dumaitre, Marc Fossard, Maurice Pecqueux
Editing: Emma Le Chanois
Music: Joseph Kosma
Production: Cooperative Generale du Cinema Francais Union Generale Cinematographique (UGC)
Country of production: France
Duration: 89 min
Production Year: 1949
Language: French
Subtitles: Greek

Cast: Bernard Blier, Juliette Faber, Eduard Delmont


The story takes place in France shortly after the end of World War I. A teacher, Mr. Pascal arrives in a small village to replace the previous teacher who retires. It is a traditional village with a patriarchal structure. The teacher has in mind new pedagogical methods that he wishes to apply. He is opposed to strict discipline and memorization. In his system, students are autonomous personalities and the teacher has a duty to lead them to knowledge through the discovery of nature and society.


Jean-Paul Le Chanois

Jean-Paul Le Chanois was a French director, screenwriter, producer, actor, playwright. He was born October 25, 1909 in Paris and died July 8, 1985. He was honored with many international and French awards. His film Sans laisser d'adresse won the Golden Bear Award in the Comedy category at the 1st Berlin International Film Festival.