The Stranger


Director: Mohammad Hossein Seif
Writer: Mohammad Hossein Seif
Director of Photography: Peyman Abbaszadeh
Editing: Mohammad Hossein Seif
Producer: Mohammad hossein Seif
Country of production: Islamic Republic of Iran
Runtime: 8 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: Persian
Subtitles: Greek

Cast: Behzad Dorani, Nima Kazemi, Ali Reza Rezvani


Someone tries to escape from a stranger who is armed like a lobster. This conflict will reveal the truth.


Mohammad Hossein Seif

Mohammad Hossein Seif was born in Iran in 1990. G1. Eyelid (short film) - Director/editor/editor. 2. The Vuvuzela (short film)- DOP "director if photography" and editor. 3. Domino (feature film)- executive producer and executive producer. 4. Whisper in the sound of silence (short documentary)- Colorist. 5. The Stranger (short film)- director/screenwriter/editor.