The Wanting


Director: Alexander Matei
Writer: Alexander Matei
Director of Photography: Davey MacDonald
Editing: Alexander Matei
Production: Apostolos Dodos
Country of production: United Kingdom
Duration: 18 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: English
Subtitles: Greek

Cast: Brendan Purcell, Cat Williams, Sarah Louise Tyler, Rob Murphy, Ross Leyshon


The Adam goes to his estranged father's vigil, avoiding his estranged daughter's birthday. There, he meets his adoptive family for the first time and finds himself in a different atmosphere than he expects.



Alexander Matei

Alexandros Matei was born and raised in Greece. He graduated from the University of South Wales Film BA in 2019. His postgraduate film, "The Midnight Court and Other Aislings", appeared at the Fastnet Film Festival 2020 and the Still Voices Short Film Festival 2020 as well as in many Greek festivals. At the time he was in Wales, he co-produced an independent feature film as well as several award-winning short films. For a short time he ran a film catering service together with Apostolos Dodos, with whom he collaborated on the creation of "The Wanting". Today he lives in Athens and works as an independent filmmaker and as a director of advertising and music videos.