Three Visits to the Tower of Marianna


Direction: Panagiotis Vekris
Writer: Panagiotis Vekris
Production: Panagiotis Vekris
Country of Production: Greece
Duration: 29 min
Production Year: 2021
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English


The Tower of Marianna – one of the few tower houses in the countryside of Lesvos that still survives – a rare example of traditional folk architecture, still stands boldly, "alive" in the ravages of abandonment and time. Three visits to the Tower emphasize issues of memory and management of the local cultural heritage. Through the eyes of visitors, the Tower appears as a symbol around which multiple meanings are organized regarding intimacy, kinship relationships, festive sociability, friendship, death and life itself.


Panagiotis Vekris

Panagiotis Vekris was born in 1974 in Mytilene. He studied architecture in Pescara, Italy. Since 2004 he has been working as an architect in his hometown of Lesvos. In 2015, in collaboration with the 3rd AegeanDoc workshop, he directed his first documentary "At The Edge Of The Cape" and in 2017 his second, "Half Yard". In 2021 she graduated from the University of the Aegean with a master's degree in Culture and Documentary Film Production.