Municipal Cinema KIPOS
Wednesday 07 June 2023, 21.00



The TrèsCourt Short Film Festival – for yet another year – in Greece on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. Once again, the Chania International Film Festival hosts for the whole of Greece the competition International Film Festival Très Court International Film Festival and specifically its 25th edition.

Thanks to the Chania Film Festival and its partners, film lovers in Greece will discover the best short films from around the world, and will take part – for yet another year – in an international vote of a public choice for the best film!

The Festival IS COMPETITIVE with the AUDIENCE and GREECE watching and VOTING, co-shaping the result by evaluating the films of the program.

The Très Court International Short Film Festival, for yet another year, comes to Greece on Wednesday, June 7, 2023 from the Chania Film Festival.

The Chania International Film Festival hosts the 25th International Très Court Short Film Festival!


On Wednesday, June 7, 2023, in eight cities of Greece, we will enjoy the fastest international competition film festival in the world with 41 films in two hours! We will be taken on an express cinematic journey and vote for the best films, co-shaping together with 54 other cities from around the world the result for the Audience Award!

We See, Judge and Vote
Wednesday 7 June 2023, 9pm

Chania: Municipal Cinema Kipos
Rethymno: Municipal Garden
Agios Nikolaos: Municipal Cinema "Christina"
Sitia: Courtyard of KDAP MEA DIMITRA
Nea Makri Athens: Club area, L. Marathonos 26A, Nea Makri
Samothrace: Cultural Area Factory
Samos: amphitheater of the Regional Unit of Samos
Athens : Studio New Star Art Cinema

The TrèsCourt International Film Festival comes to Greece with the exclusive collaboration with Chania Film Festival.

The festival, based in Paris, has been taking place for the past 25 years during the same time period in dozens of cities around the world. More than 54 cities from 14 countries are participating in this year's edition. Films of no more than 4 minutes duration participate in the Competition of the international festival, representing all cinematic genres (fiction, documentary, animation, music videos, etc.) from all parts of the world. A two-hour journey with moving images wide and wide of the planet. Upon completion of the screening of the films, the public is invited to nominate the winning films for the award of the international Audience Award through voting.


The 25th TrèsCourt International Film Festival 2023 is coming to Greece from Chania Film Festival and with the support of:

· The Municipality of Chania and KEPPEDIH – CAM

· The Municipal Cinema of Chania "KIPOS"

· of the Municipality of Rethymno

· The Municipality of Agios Nikolaos and PAODAN

· The Agios Nikolaos Film Club

· The Cinema Club of the Sitia Theatre

· The Association of Friends of Music of Sitia

· The Nea Makri Film Club

· The Samothrace Film Club "Loukia Rikaki"

· The Samos Film Club

· Του Studio New Star Art Cinema

On Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at 9 pm in 8 cities of Greece we enjoy the fastest film festival in the world: 40 films in about two hours! We will be taken on an express cinematic journey, but also we will vote for the best films to determine the one that will be awarded with the Audience Choice.

We see, judge, vote
Wednesday 7 June 2023 at 9:00 pm