Triple Trouble


Director: Marta Karwowska
Writer: Marta Karwowska
Director of Photography: Jakub Burakiewicz
Editing: Aleksandra Gowin
Music: Jerzy Rogiewicz
Producers: Agnieszka Dziedzic, Mazovia and Warsaw Film Fund, Provincial Culture Center in Rzeszow/Podkarpackie Film Commission, Piramida film, DI Factory, Next Film, Haka Films, Poznan Tourism Organisation, Warmia-Masuria Film Fund
Country Production: Poland
Runtime: 83 min
Year Production: 2020
Language: Polish
Subtitles: Greek


Julka and Olek must solve the mystery of the theft of a Claude Monet painting Beach in Purville and save her aunt Julka, who is accused of the robbery. In the group was a crazy girl, Felka, whose presence will soon shake the friendship of the children.