When Daisies Were Only White or Only Yellow


Director: Gabriella Ieronymidou, Fanis Antonopoulos
Writer: Gabriella Ieronymidou
Production: Gabriella Ieronymidou
Country of Production: Greece
Runtime: 12 min
Production Year: 2020
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English


On a hillside stands a meadow full of white daisies. There live some tiny white men, the white men. One day, the two princesses of the whitebirds, walking on the back of a dove, see on the other side of the hill a yellow meadow, full of yellow daisies, inhabited by the also tiny, yellow...


Gabriella Psilopoulou

Gabriella Psilopoulou Ieronymidou was born in Athens in 1954.
He is a graduate of the Law School of the University of Athens.
He worked for 36 years at the Bank of Greece. It was the first
woman assigned to the Internal Audit Directorate of
Bank, which he represented in Working Groups in the European
Central Bank, Frankfurt. He was a high-ranking executive
of this Directorate from which he retired in 2012.
At the same time he was involved in public affairs and served as his secretary
Association of Friends of Music and Arts of Zografou.
In June 2020, the book "TA
SHORT STORIES OF CONFINEMENT", in which he participated with
Her short story "I will always have you in my heart".
Her poems have also been published on the publications' website
He started creating fairy tales in 2014. Purpose
of her fairy tales in general is to inspire young children
love, without discrimination of gender or color as well as prompt them
develop their imagination, through simple myth and
description of vivid images; The fairy tale "When the daisies were
only white or only yellow" was published by Aparsis Publications in
December 2019.

Fanis Antonopoulos

Fanis Antonopoulos is a composer, pianist and music teacher.
He studied piano at the Athens International Conservatory, where he received his piano diploma in Niki's class
He studied composition and conducting at the Nea Melodia Conservatory, in the composer's class and
conductor Fivos Papadopoulos.
YEAR 2000: Recruitment to ONA (OPANDA) of the Municipality of Athens.
From 2003 until today he works due to his studies as a musician in Cultural
centers of the Municipality of Athens.
His compositions consist of symphonic works for full orchestra, works for orchestra
strings, chamber music with trios, duets, string and wind quintets, as well as
sonatas for piano and solo instruments. Also works for mixed choir.
His works have been presented in venues in Athens such as the Athens Concert Hall,
Concert Hall of Kaisariani Town Hall and others.
His compositions have also been used for the sound framing of fairy tales and films
short film, animation as well as contemporary dance choreographies.