When will sunrise open?


Theatre Pedagogical Program Design: Valentina Papadimitraki, Tasos Karakyklas
Director of Photography: Kostas Kosmadakis
Editing: Kostas Kosmadakis
Production: Theatre of the shoe on the tree - Chania Film Festival – Cultural Society of Crete
Under the auspices and financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports
Co-organization: Region of Crete, with the support of the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Crete. Crete
Country of Production
: Greece
Runtime: 11 min
Language: Greek


On the occasion of the completion of 100 years since the Asia Minor Catastrophe, the Theatre of the Shoe on the Tree designed and implemented a theatre-pedagogical program aimed at bringing young children into contact with one of the most important events of Modern Greek History in a creative way.

Drawing material from primary and secondary historical sources as well as from the fields of literature and folklore, the program utilized tools of Educational Drama, creative writing and Docudrama techniques. It was implemented in High Schools of Chania and Attica Prefecture simultaneously and was completed with presentation events open to the public.

In collaboration with the creative team of the Chania Film Festival and the Cultural Society of Crete, the action was recorded in a short documentary.

theatre educators

Valentina Papadimitraki

He was born in Athens. She studied theater at the "Veaki" School and educational drama at the Porta - Xenia Kalogeropoulou Theater Workshop.

As an actor she has worked in theater, film and television.

As a director she has collaborated with the National Theatre of Greece, with ETHAL in Limassol and with the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Thessaloniki. Crete and the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Crete Kalamata.

As an assistant director he has worked alongside T. Lygari and G. Calabrian.

In 2001 she created the "Theatre of the Shoe on the Tree" and since then she has been systematically involved in theatre for children. He directs and performs in performances that tour all over Greece. It implements educational programs for children, adolescents and teachers.

She presented for five years the radio show for children "Go up apple, kateva pomegranate" on Network fm 91,5 in Chania (Silver award in the category special broadcasts at the Regional Media Awards 2017). He has curated series of radio shows for children and adults on Melodia fm, ertopen.com, Sto Kokkino, portokaliradio.gr, 24/7 radio and bobos family radio.

She designs and animates educational programs for children and teenagers at the Museum of Typography and the Chania Film Festival. She taught theatrical education at the theatrical workshops of the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Thessaloniki. Crete.

Her theatrical play "A secret balloon" (co-written with N. Karagianni) is published by Kedros Publications. Her book "A hug and a kiss and a foolish box" is published by Kaleidoscope Publications. Her short stories have been published in literary magazines.

He is a member of the Society of Greek Directors, the Panhellenic Network for Theatre in Education and a founding member of E.M.KE.THI.

Tasos Karakyklas

He was born in Athens. He is a graduate of the Department of History-Archaeology and History of Art of the School of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University and a graduate of the Postgraduate Program "Public History" (HOU).

She studied at the Higher Schools of Dramatic Art "Arhi" and "V. Diamantopoulos", as well as in workshops and Masterclasses in acting, dramaturgy and creative writing, vocal-phonology and creative movement.

As an Actor, Director and Dramaturg he collaborated with experimental groups, musical ensembles, with the Fournos Theatre, Epi Kolono, Bios, Neos Kosmos Theatre, Technopolis Athens, National Theatre of Greece, Regional Theatre of Larissa, Serres, Kalamata, as well as with Theatrical and Cultural Organizations. She created solo and collective performances, Actions and Video Art on contemporary performing art platforms. He appeared in Film and Television. He adapted works of literature for children and teenagers and created narration shows for the Greek Radio. Since 2008 she has been collaborating with the "Theatre of the Shoe on the Tree" in theatrical performances and events, in the organization of educational designs and theatrical workshops, in the creation of narration shows for the Radio and Audio Book for children.

She systematically studies the Pedagogy and Didactics of Drama and Theatre, the Experiential Animation of Groups and the non-traditional applications of Theatrical Art. She designed Workshops and Actions for Children and Vulnerable Groups, who experience social exclusion or are threatened by it, Experiential Workshops in Therapeutic and Penitentiary Structures, with the support of Social Policy and Cultural Management Bodies and Organizations. She collaborates with the innovative program "The Tipping Point of Athens", conducting mentoring sessions with schools in the region. She collaborated for a decade with the Acting Workshop of the NAMA Group, at the Epi Kolono Theater, where she taught "Theater for Children and Youth", "The Art of Drama in Education" and "Stage Storytelling Techniques". She taught acting at the "Open Theater" Theater Workshop of A. Ghika and Actor's Acting-Improvisation and Animation Techniques at the Theatrical Department of the Student Cultural Club of the University of Athens participating in Panhellenic and International University Theatre Festivals.

As a research associate of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP), since 2015 he has organized Educational Programs and theatrical activities for the Museums of Tinos, Soufli and Volos. He belongs to the creative team of the museological project "The Museum Inside Me".

He is a regular member of the Greek Actors Guild (SEI-TASEI), the Society of Greek Directors (ECA) and the Panhellenic Network for Theatre in Education.