Al.Papadiamantis, “Halasochorides” and other “two centuries ago” modern political stories – Theodosia Daskalaki


Format: 17×24
Pages: 62
ISBN: 978 – 960 – 98066 – 5 – 7
Publications: Cultural Society of Crete – Compass of the City

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Alexandros Papadiamantis

His purity, the voice of a people reaching where he needed to go.

An Orthodox Christian but also a pagan, he is enchanted by the nai of Dervish, makes his cross in front of the Acropolis, believes in manjuns, witches and haunts. His church held every man, but he did not give indulgence to its unworthy ministers. Anti-European ? Byzantine; Something more . Greek Antiracist . Author of the first statute of a Thessalian agricultural association. His politics, anathema to partisanship and the morality of the cosmolaite and not a cosmopolitan. He lived free from the “musts” of the journalist, the writer.

He built, with ink, the house of the Greek islander. He put nature as an irrefutable witness to human history .provocative in its simplicity. So simple that we will always discover the endlessness of his writing.