Boxes Shapes – A.Stegos (Antonis Chelidonis)


Format : 17X24
: 80

ISBN : 978-618-81875-9-7

Publications: PEK-City Compass

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BOXES SHAPES written by A. STEGI (ANTONI CHELIDONI) between 1991 and 2004. At some point they were formed as a unity by him, self-published and given as a gift to a few friends… The Shapes Boxes is a collection of poetic and prose texts by Antonis Chelidonis that are representative and characteristic of his speech.

The Shapes Boxes were issued in the absence of ANTONIS HELIDONIS but we believe with his agreement.

Antonis Stegos (Antonis N. Chelidonis) was born in Heraklion, Crete in 1967, where after studying in Florina and Thessaloniki, he returned and worked. He studied agronomy, was engaged in gardening and not only. His writings had been systematically published in the column, which he maintained, in the monthly publication “Compass of the city”. His writings had also been published in print and electronic media with which he had collaborated. A sample of his work is filed – with THE BOXES – publicly for the first time, fulfilling his desire to partially overcome the luxury and cowardice of private space…