But the wise man smells like it, varsamia doesn’t smell. Encomium Stamatis Apostolakis


Pages: 284
ISBN: 978-618-5364-11-3
Publications: City Compass, 2019

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A voluminous book, dedicated to the Hanioti teacher and folklorist Stamatis A. Apostolaki. It is an honorary volume, which in its first part refers to the contribution of the honoree to society and letters and in the second includes scientific works dedicated to him.

The book is entitled “But the wise smell of you, varsamies do not smell. Encomium Stamatis Apostolakis”. It is prefaced by the Archbishop of Crete Irenaeus, the former Deputy Regional Governor of Chania Apostolos Voulgarakis and the founder of the “Chania Youth” Giannis Garedakis.

The first part begins with a detailed list of Stamatis Apostolakis’ publications, which amount to 299, of which 16 are independent. Following are 15 works, in order of Haris Stratidakis, Stella Aligizaki, Marietta Asimomyti-Ekkekakis, Maria and Michalis Galanakis, Manos Gorgoraptis, Vangelis Kakatsakis, Eugenia Papaioannou, Giannis Papiomytoglou, Theodoros Pelantakis, Katerina Tsakali-Domazaki, Konstantinos Fournarakis, Matthaios Frantzeskakis, Vassilis Charonitis and Nikos Psilakis.

The second part includes scientific papers, dedicated to Stamatis Apostolakis, in order of Georgios Ekaterinidis, Manolis Varvounis, Theocharis Detorakis, Panagiotis Kamilakis, Eratosthenes Kapsomenou, Andreas Lenakakis, Stergios Manouras, Giorgis Markakis, Michalis Meraklis, Kostis Il. Papadaki, Aikaterini Polymerou-Kamilaki and Konstantinos Fournarakis.

The publishing committee of the volume was formed by friends and collaborators of Stamatis Apostolakis from all over Crete. From Chania participated Marina Aretaki, Konstantinos Fournarakis and Matthew Frantzeskakis From Rethymno participated Giannis Z. Papiomytoglou and Haris Stratidakis, while Andreas Lenakakis participated from Heraklion.