Celestine Freinet – Institutional and critical pedagogy


Pages: 411
Publication Deadline: 2017
ISBN: 9789609797610
Publication: Colleagues’ Publications


In response to the crisis that our society is experiencing and to the opposite of school violence and delinquency, competition and school dropout, there is an urgent need for a different pedagogy with a socio-political educational vision, for an open and cooperative school, a school-community where freedom, democracy, cooperation, solidarity, equality and respect for diversity are developed daily – not as knowledge but as a daily experience, where students develop all-round to become tomorrow’s citizens with a critical conscience and emancipation. The weakness and deficit of traditional education systems demonstrate this need for a different pedagogy, such as Celestin Freinet’s pedagogy, institutional and critical pedagogy, with the school primarily developing autonomy and creativity, free expression and communication, cooperation and critical thinking and emancipation of students.

The 30 total texts collected in this work highlight with scientific, research and practical discourse, the historical-social context, philosophy and principles of a free, open and collaborative school through Freinet pedagogy. In fact, readers will get to know the various tried and tested techniques of this pedagogy (Councils, School brochures – newspapers and small books, Correspondence, Art workshops, Audiovisual education, Libraries) as they have been applied and are applied in schools around the world with great success as well as the experiences – representative examples from their application in our country. The spread of the Freinet Schools Network around the world and Greece is the best proof of the timelessness and timeliness of the proposals. This book can help all those who dream of a better education at all levels of education and all those who wish to work for the creation of a movement in education with the above socio-political and pedagogical pursuits. An education that responds to the needs of the times and is able to offer the enjoyment of creative, enjoyable as well as efficient work to children and teachers.

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