CHANIA, Cinema during the German Occupation – Lefteris Lambrakis, Matthew Frantzeskakis


Format: 15,5×24 Pages: 40
Year of publication
: 2021

ISBN: 978-618-5364-35-9

Publications: PEK – City Compass

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The Battle of Crete, a special moment in the course of this War, the moment that essentially determined its outcome, offered infinite material to the Creators of the 7th Art, in order to bring to light unknown aspects of the events that took place on the heroic Island.

Each such creation, in any form, expresses the need of the Creators to preserve in the Collective Memory the stories of the ordinary people of the Cretan land, who, from one day to the next, passed to the Pantheon of Heroes of our country, among those who paid the price of Freedom and Human Dignity with their own lives or with the lives of their own people.

WE DON’T FORGET! The Film Productions that were implemented and continue to be implemented will remind us forever of the Island that marked the history of the Second World War. For centuries…