CINEMA thoughts to disagree… – Stavros Grosdos


Shape: 7,2X10
Pages: 40
Year of publication: 2021
ISBN: 978-618-5364-31-1
Publications: PEK – City Compass for the Chania Film Festival

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A surprise booklet, a booklet challenge both for its size and content.

How many opinions can fit in a forty-page form with dimensions of 7 cm. for 10 cm; Fellini and Antonioni fit into such a booklet., Pasolini, Visconti, Tornatore; But also Yves Montand and Catherine Deneuve? And Biougiouklaki with Papamichael, Karezi Papagiannopoulos? And yet the author, in this miniature book, answers twenty questions about the unseen sides of cinema. Small and insignificant, but also big issues. Q&A such as: “Saturday night and I am in the mood for cinema. Which movie should I choose?” “Alone or with company in the cinema?” “If I (re)see the same movie, second or third time, will I see the same movie?” “I didn’t understand what the film wanted to say!” “Is it possible for two viewers to see a different film in the same cinema at the same time?” “What does Americanism mean in cinema?” but also: “Is criticism -and critics- useful in cinema?” “Are there any films that never end?” “Have you ever been sucked in by the movie screen?” “Is there a relationship between popcorn and the creator of a film?”

The surprises are in the content. Some answers seem unexpected and others provocative. Then you look back at the title: “Thoughts to disagree…”. As a reader you don’t just read opinions about cinema. You can’t stand the challenge of not answering. Sometimes you will agree, sometimes you will disagree, you will laugh, you will remember, you will reminisce… But you will never get angry, you will never be outraged, because humor is the best communication strategy.

The reader appropriates the questions as if they were his own. By reading the book, you write your own book about cinema. A writer, then, but as many other authors as the readers of the book.