Storms and Bounatses – Theodoros Paparaftakis


Format: 14×21Pages: 208Year of publication: 2021 ISBN: 978-618-5364-33-5

Publications: PEK – City Compass

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People’s everyday stories are a unique document of history, as they depict events as perceived by the person who narrates them. The book “Storms and Bounatses” captures many such stories as experienced by its author, which come to us from the relatively recent past, but having the peculiarity in this small window of time, people have experienced a series of unique historical events and at the same time impressive technological and consequently social changes. Changes that marked the lives of both the people who experienced them first, as well as the next generations.

Short CV

Theodoros Paparaftakis was born in Maleme, Chania on April 10, 1941. He was only 40 days old when the Germans killed his father. So his mother was also a father to him. Primary school went to Maleme, High School in Chania. He studied as a teacher at the Maraslios Pedagogical Academy of Athens, where he received further training.

From his youth he worked as a laborer in various companies, olive oil mills, wineries, newspapers. Then, as an advertiser at DITS, S.A., in Athens. His last job, before being appointed Teacher, was as an assistant accountant, at the Kalpinis and N. Simos A.E.A. Company, in Piraeus. In fact, in order to be excellent at his job, he attended a private school of accountants. In 1966 he was appointed Teacher at the Primary School of Gerani, Kydonia, Chania.