From Chania to Hollywood, The History of Cinema in Chania City – Lefteris Lambrakis


Shape: 17X24
Pages: 268
Year of publication: 2019
ISBN: 978-618-5364-12-0
Publications: PEK – City Compass for the Chania Film Festival

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The book “From Chania to Hollywood, the History of Cinema in the City of Chania” by Lefteris Lambrakis, concerns the city that loves cinema very much, the city that enthusiastically welcomed the few minutes of films without sound, from the time of the Cretan State even, the city that has to show a rich Cinematic History through time, from the acetylene projector with manual image switching, a crank and a phonograph with a funnel of 1900, to the Chania Film Festival of 2019.

The present research attempts to narrate the Cinematic History of Chania, during the twentieth century, the impressive route followed by cinema when it dominated the life of the people of Chania. A systematic recording of the city’s cinemas, the films that were shown in them, the surrounding atmosphere is attempted.

The book is divided into two parts. In the first part, through many months of research, the discovery of the moving image, the cinematic atmosphere in the period of the Cretan State, the first screenings and venues, and all the films and news of silent cinema that were screened in Chania – and by extension in Greece – at that time are briefly presented. Then, the things and wonders of the world of Cinema in the interwar period and cinema in the Occupation.

The second part presents the rise, prosperity, decline and present day of cinema through the memories, testimonies and memories of its protagonists. These people who left and leave their imprint on the city’s cinematic events.