Guide to approaching films with children – Collective


Format: 20×20
Pages: 76
Year of publication: 2020
ISBN: 978-618-5364-25-0
Publications: PEK – City Compass for the Chania Film Festival

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A book for children to love cinema. In a club the children meet in order to enjoy movies, to discuss about them, to play, to laugh, so that viewing becomes a habit. The aim is to operate film clubs from the very first classes of the school, in order to cultivate and maintain the love for cinema.

Addressed teachers, animators, students, who wish to organize film clubs in their school. It is also addressed, of course, to all those who love cinema and want to watch films and discuss them together with other viewers.

In the first part of the book we get to know the film clubs for children. What is it, how does it first start, how is it organized, how does a children’s film club work? How are the films selected? In what ways can students of a school class create a film club?

In the second part we learn to design activities-games of approaching films with the children for kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school. The actions, before and after watching the film, do not look like school exercises. For the child viewer it is about pleasure, another game. Children enjoy the film product whether they treat it as unsuspecting viewers (they are moved, laugh, cry) or their gaze is inquiring and revealing (critical viewer). Children, as critical viewers, recognize not only what the creator says (description), but also how he depicts the content (interpretation), thus recognizing the different ways in which each film is a unique creation of a unique creator. The aim is the child-viewer who feels, feels, assumes, imagines, discovers, concludes and (co)creates.

The third part offers sample approaches of six short films. They are activities, before and after viewing narrative films, animation and documentaries. Through the activities, a sequential transition is attempted from the viewing-enjoyment of the film, the spontaneous expression of impressions and the description, to the investigation of emotions, the decoding of the creator’s intentions, and finally to the expression-creation.

The organization and operation of film clubs in schools is an educational and educational program of the Chania Film Festival.

Writing of texts – Edited by Stavros Grosdos