Kazovar – Vangelis Th. Kakatsakis


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Pages: 64
ISBN: 978-618-81242-0-2
Publications: Cultural Society of Crete – Compass of the City

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A city-country, in which by definition the “vulgar”, the “weak” and the “phaethontes” coexist and where the poet “as the first and last man” approaches the events and tries to interpret some of the human behaviors, is KAZOVAR, as he presents it in his homonymous poetry collection (composition), which first came out in a book in 1987 making two editions from “Filippotis”, Vangelis Th. Kakatsakis. According to his statement, at the time.

He repeats the same today, 27 years later, on the occasion of its third edition, which was made after persistent urgings of his friends, by the “Cultural Society of Crete – Compass of the City”, with painting reliefs by the spherical artist Giannis P. Markantonaki, who also made the cover.

Along with the clarification, however, that – although the temptation for “dynamic” interventions was great – small were the changes he made to the always current, admittedly, poems of his “city”.

“Do not be afraid,/ those who know of tears,” the poet tells us in his last poem entitled “Time will come,” “Those who know of tears,/ do not be afraid of any fall./ Do not be frightened by the absence of swallows./ Do not cry for the mournful fakioli of the songs./ Spring will come/ and the swallows will return./ The time will come,/ that the songs will become resurrected./ Do not be afraid,/ those of you who know of tears…”

However, within the KAZOVAR which is distinguished as a poetic result “for its episodic complexion, the modularity of its construction and a strong theatricality”, many and various have been made, recorded in 40 (forty) poems (not counting another 3 (three) that function instead of a prologue the first two and in an epilogue position the third) during the “appearance of the vulgar”, the “apology of the weak” and the “diary of Phaethon”.

“A lyrical poetry with symbolisms – symbols and above all with a strong social element and the social concern of the poet himself”, is ultimately the poetry of Kakatsakis, Kostas Pappas has written commenting on “KAZOVAR”…

Vangelis Th. Kakatsakis was born in Nippos, Chania, to farming parents in 1948. He is a graduate of the Marasleio Pedagogical Academy, studied at the Panteion School and was trained in Education Sciences. He worked for 3 years as an educator in the institutions of the late Metropolitan of Kissamos and Selinos Irenaeos Galanakis and 36 as a teacher and school director. Since the mid-10 years of 1970, he has been a collaborator of the newspaper “Haniotika Nea”. He has been involved in trade unionism for about 20 years and has been involved for 45 years with issues of culture and tradition. His involvement with literature began in his early high school years. He participates in various cultural institutions and associations and is, among others, a member of the Union of Intellectual Creators of Chania, the Pancretan Journalists’ Union and the Society of Greek Writers.

In addition to “KAZOVAR”, his poetry collections “The horses of time” and “When you become a poem” have also been published in books, as well as his prose “The letters of the Virgin Mary” and “Sta petachta – Selection from 2012” (chronographs in the “Chania news”).