“Like bread” – Vangelis Th. Kakatsakis


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Pages: 76
ISBN: 978-618-83228-7-5
Publications: PEK-City Compass

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Dominant figure in the new poetry collection of Vangelis Th. Kakatsaki with the title “Like bread” (illustrated by Angela Malmou) released on March 21, World Poetry Day, by “Compass of the City” publications, the poet. The poet who “in the role of Simon of Cyrene” bears “the pain of the universe world”, the poet who has “homelands his senses” and “homeland his heart”, the poet who insists on returning “in the shade of his cypress tree” to cross together “the memories with the roots”…

“Like bread”, bread – “my mother’s poem”, “bread made of good sourdough kneaded with caringly baked bread”, “bread that “a man’s heart supports”, I want the poem I write”, says Vangelis Th. Kakatsakis. “Like bread” and the title of his fourth collection of poetry (“The Horses of Time”, “KAZOVAR” and “When You Become a Poem” the previous ones) which includes 55 of the poems he wrote in the last two years. One of them is “Enthἀdei keiti”, which was recently set to music by Stamatis Kraounakis and which is cited as a sample of writing: “I insist on traveling in the sea of your eyes even though the compass of “I love you” is (s)kour(i). I insist on looking for a signal of yours to catch port, to finally moor my boat. However, I know that. Traveling I would find death in the middle of the sea. Nice place your eyes for the “enthousiasm”.

Vangelis Th. Kakatsakis was born in Nippos, Chania, to farming parents in 1948. He is a graduate of the Marasleio Pedagogical Academy, studied at the Panteion School and was trained in Education Sciences. He worked for 3 years in the institutions of the late Metropolitan of Kissamos and Selinos Irenaeos Galanakis and 36 years as a teacher and school director. Since the mid-10 years of 1970, he has been a collaborator of the newspaper “Haniotika Nea”. He has been involved in trade unionism for 20 years and has been involved for 45 years with issues of culture and tradition. His involvement with literature began in his early high school years…