METAXA listening to time documentary, directed by STAVROS PSYLLAKIS


Documentary, 86min
Writer – Direction – Production: Stavros Psyllakis

Production – Distribution of dvd: “PEK-Compass of the City”
PublicationsPaper Edition – Case

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In the documentary by Stavros Psyllakis “METAXA listening to time” Starting from doctors and staff of METAXA Cancer Hospital who suffer from cancer themselves, we follow this special group of patients, as many of them continue to work at the hospital and live in anticipation of an uncertain outcome, with the hospital constantly reminding them of their own illness.

Today the word cancer is not synonymous with death. But it denotes its shadow. The film is about the questions and existential anxieties that a borderline condition such as a cancer diagnosis stirs up in humans.

From the shock of the first time someone hears it, to the experience of “… learned to listen to time”, cancer from threat of death becomes Life Teacher for these people. It gives them a new possibility of life, not only by adding years to their lives, but also by adding Life to their years.

The documentary of Stavros Psyllakis has so far followed a long path with participations in festivals and dozens of screenings in Greece and abroad, having received distinctions and the love of the audience.

Released by “PEK-Compass of the City” publications on
Stavros Psyllakis’ documentary “METAXA listening to time”.

The trailer of the film :