Small Adoptions, Tribute to the work of Stavros Psillakis – Collective


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Pages: 288
ISBN: 978-618-81875-8-0
Publications: PEK- City Compass

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“Making a documentary film is an adoption. It’s like waking up one morning and finding a baby outside your door. It is up to you what you will do: will you ignore it or will you adopt it and give it life? Such an “adoption” occurs with the people and stories that we accidentally, often, encounter in life and create our films. Then the adventure begins. You share stories of trust that are slowly, slowly building the film. An a-truth, theirs and yours. But knowing well that every time we tell the truth that we can tell.”

The Chania Film festival honors Stavros Psillakis with the publication of the book SMALL ADOPTIONS. The 295-page edition, rich in photographic and archival material, hosts 15 texts, specially written for the tribute, that approach the director and his journey from various perspectives. It also contains extensive speech excerpts from 6 well-known documentaries of Psillakis, interviews and reviews related to his work and concludes with a detailed list of his films.

The texts specific to the tribute, in the order in which they are presented, are signed by:

M. Frantzeskakis – R. Manthoulis – G. Kokkinakos – A. Ardavanis – V. Lekka – K.F. Psillakis – M. Kranakis – T. Lazaratou – M. Manousakis – D. Charitos – G. Zoumboulakis – E. Stefani – M. Virvidakis – N. Grosdanis – K. Mavrakakis