Milia – Emmanuel Roidi


Format : 18x18

: 978-960-98066-4-0
Publications: Cultural Society of Crete – Compass of the City

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The fairytale “Milia” by Emmanuel Roidis was first published in 1895 and is the only work of the author who wrote in demotic Greek.

“An elderly couple finds one morning, under an apple tree, in the woods a little girl, covered with white blossoms, who had been thrown over by the wind at night. They immediately adopt it and call it Milia. The girl has a big heart, loves her parents very much and protects in every way the animals and birds of the forest . They in turn reward it and…”

A tender fairytale that keeps children pleasant company but also to adults who feel like children at times .

The book contains
a CD

with a theatrical rendition of the fairy tale
by, Kostis Kapelonis and Marinella Vlachakis
Original music by Leonidas Maridakis
and singing, Daphne Panourgia-Leonidas Maridakis
Adaptation: Marinella Vlachaki
Nikos Blazakis