Media Education – Irene Andriopoulou, Art Silverblattt


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Pages: 172

ISBN: 978-618-83228-3-7

Publications: City Compass

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It is now a fact that the media today are accessible to large segments of the population through various content platforms and multimodal texts. The former viewer and user of the media is transformed into a dynamic producer-consumer of media products (pro-sumer) with wide participation in content creation (user generated content, blogs, social media, youtube platforms, etc.). The legitimate questions raised by this information cloud are “how does the user handle all this information today?” and “what personal safeguards for critical content management can he have?”.

The answer, of course, lies in the cultivation of media literacy skills or, as found in Community law, “media literacy”. It is this need that the new book aspires to meet “Media Literacy, Key Points for Interpreting Media Messages” by Art Silverblatt and Irene Andriopoulou offered by the 5th Chania Film Festival in collaboration with PEK-Compass of the City publications in the context of offering publications for the needs of the digital age.

The book is based on the international project DIMLE – Digital International Media Literacy Ebook Project (, a quantitative, intercultural educational approach to traditional and new media. Through the recording of basic theoretical models and practical examples, the teacher, the student, the journalist, the media professional and any media-minded citizen, can form a picture of the international scene in education in parallel with a sociological, historical and cultural approach of Greece in this field.