The Edible Wild Grasses of Kissamos – K. S. Hartzoulakis


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76 pages
ISBN: 978-618-5364-26-7
Publications: PEK – City Compass

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The album includes 60 edible wild greens that exist in Kissamos and perhaps in many areas of Crete and Greece. For each plant, the common name, scientific name and family, its description (from studies, descriptions and observations), the habitat (from observations and descriptions), the ingredients it contains (from studies and literature), its uses in our diet (from interviews, studies, publications), the beneficial effects on our organism (from literature and studies), the synonyms where they exist (interviews, bibliography) and photographs (from a personal collection).

The aim of the album is for young people and not only, to get to know the many opportunities that nature provides us in the form of healthy and delicious vegetables without growing it. Learn that wild greens contain ingredients of high biological value for the preservation of health and longevity that today is documented by a plethora of scientific studies. To adopt proper eating habits and to be sensitized to the extent possible, so as to entrench and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Kissamos, since nutrition is part of our culture. So that wild greens become a source of nutrition and a shield of life not only for them but also for their children.