Walter Lassally: A conversation – Lefteris Lambrakis


Shape: 17X24
Pages: 52
Year of publication: 2018
ISBN: 978-618-5364-04-5
Publications: PEK – City Compass for the Chania Film Festival

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” From the age of fifteen I knew exactly what I wanted to do in my life. So, as soon as I finished school, I started trying to get into the cinema. There was still a war going on, it was in ’43, it was not easy. I walked into a photography studio that made documentaries about industries. Then, after doing unrelated jobs for survival, I entered the studios as the child for the clapper and as an assistant cameraman…”

Walter Lassally


This book was born from a conversation between Walter Lassally and the actor Lefteris Lambrakis, which took place during an interview for a weekly magazine in 2003. This interview is presented here in its comprehensive form. It is not a biography, but it helps the reader to get to know aspects of the personality of the world-renowned Filmmaker. The valuable testimony is accompanied by indicative filmography, as well as rare and unknown photographs from the shooting of his films.