When the wells steam – George Kokkinakos


Shape: 14×21
Pages: 276
ISBN: 978-618-81242-8-8
Publications: Cultural Society of Crete – Compass of the City

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The new book by psychiatrist Giorgos Kokkinakos entitled “When the wells steam” has been published by the Haniotika publications “PEK – Compass of the City”. A collection of 83 texts by George Kokkinakos through which he submits views-positions-concerns about his science, society, politics, life.

Texts with which he deconstructs with the tool of his subversive and nonconformist discourse not only unshakable scientific theories and theories but also modern social and ideological dogmas. His language is “disturbingly” categorical, unfathomable and parrismatic in the face of the pharisaic and phenacistic delirium of our time. But above all sentimental, poetic and idealistically pragmatic. A language, a writing, of special aesthetic value.

The journalist and writer Dimitris Kakavelakis notes in his introduction about the book:

«… The book of the visionary and radical psychiatrist Giorgos Kokkinakos is an important deposit of texts of high literary and aesthetic quality. All written with a reason of multi-layered scientific responsibility, psychiatric liberation and deep humanitarian sensitivity.

With a boldness of thought, judgment and operation of an alert citizen, place and world.

These texts exude an aura of psycho-spiritual consciousness, combined with the poetic substance that constitutes them, not only aesthetically but deeply and deep-hearted…”.

Texts have been published in its original form in newspapers and magazines with which the author collaborates.

The cover of the book is based on artwork by the creator Eleni Marinaki. The introduction of the book is signed by the journalist and writer Dimitris Kakavelakis.