Yellow Days of the Year of Rain – John El. Manousakis


Shape: 17×24.5
Pages: 6
ISBN: 978 – 960 – 98066 -9 – 5
Publications: Cultural Society of Crete – Compass of the City

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…… Under my skin ,

pimples that hatch my shortcomings ,

they are patiently planning my report.

With the advent of every yellow day they attempt an appearance!

Then I realize my defensive dysfunction,

I beg for forgiveness, I promise correction, transcendence.

… En route to leper island.

Love and Death, cornerstones of a perpetual counterpoint, as wheels of the same train, attempt to move in parallel, on a single rail.

An instinctive attraction of “heteronyms”, which are occupied by the inherent interaction.

Passenger, Life, through the Senses; who undertake to feed it with performances and feelings of a journey, which seems to be of little concern if it has just begun or if it soon ends.

Yiannis Manousakis is a lawyer. He was born in 1954 in Chania, where he lives and works. The poetry collection Yellow Days of the Year of Rain is his first authorship.