All that unites us


Director: Nikolaos Galanis, Students of the 2nd Primary School in Skala, Laconia
Writer: Nikolaos Galanis, Students of the 2nd Primary School in Skala, Laconia
Country of Production: Greece
Duration: 2 min
Production Year: 2018
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English


The fourth grade students of the 2nd Primary School in Skala, Laconia, near Sparta, create a moving point for the Cyprus problem. Cyprus, for more than 4 decades now, has been living under dividing lines. Cypriots, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, divided into sides, categories, opposing parties. Maybe they have more in common than we think?


Nikos Galanis

Nikos Galanis is a teacher who is not enough to enter the classroom, take a lesson and leave. He takes his camera, his students become little actors, and with the videos they create they send important social messages.
She has created the films: "First train" about bullying, the short film with the inventive title "SOSivio" about refugees, the social spot "All that unites us" about the Cyprus problem, the short film "Ah, these damn letters ay" that negotiates the struggle between past, present and future with a 6-year-old student as the main protagonist, the shocking spot "Time does not come back" that went viral nationwide with little Erianna victim of a car accident. She also created the award-winning "You can achieve anything, just believe it.!" an ode to women and the unequal obstacles they face. His latest film is "FREEDOM? 200 years since the Greek Revolution''. His films have been awarded in student competitions and have participated in film festivals in Greece and abroad.
For his pioneering educational work and innovation in teaching, he has been awarded the Gold Award at the Education Leaders Awards 2019 and was nominated as "Person of the Year 2019". In 2021 he was awarded as "Teacher of the Year". She won the Global Teacher Award at the AKS Education Awards and was a finalist at the GESS Education Awards in Dubai. He is also a member of the film selection committee of the International Documentary Festival of Epirus "West Side Mountains".