Architecture and Pedagogy: The Community School

A CFF Workshop

Animator: Charalambos Baltas, teacher - member of the Network of Cooperative Schools of Chania and the Pedagogical Team "Skasiarchio, Experimental palpations for a community school"

Workshop Day: Saturday 22 October 2022

Time: 10.00 – 13.00

Duration: 3 hours

Place of Implementation: Cultural Center of Chania

It is addressed to Teachers, Psychologists and Architects up to twenty-five (25) people

A certificate of participation will be given


Workshop Description

The workshop begins with the screening of Sofia Lioulia's film "Dreams on Wheels" (2022), a film shot in the Exarchia neighborhood of Athens. The film relates childhood with its visibility, social pedagogy, children's rights and space and time as a state of community learning in the center of Athens during the last years of the crisis (2018 – 2019). The streets, the square, outdoor teaching, the coexistence of children, museums, the park and open spaces become forms of community learning, play, literary books, but also intimidating desecration. The workshop examines the material networks created in the city and the collaboration of architecture with Freinet pedagogy that moves the boundaries of the school community in favor of moving school lines, giving space to the emerging subjectivities of children. The triptych of pedagogy Freinet classroom – courtyard – community, children's rights, library, unschooling, the performance of space and time, gender and routes in the city become a semiotic with lines of communication in a model representing the school of the community.

Film/documentary synopsis "Dreams on wheels" For Mr. Babis, the school is not a building with closed doors, so he organizes trips in the city with the children. With the green stroller-library, children venture into the city to get to know it but also to change it. His dreams meet the worlds of children and the worlds of fairy tales on a trolley full of books. So, the neighborhood begins to tell stories real and imaginary like a big three-dimensional book that lets you draw it and sing your dreams to it. Writer/Director: Lioulia Sofia Production: Lioulia Sofia, Greek Documentary Editing Company, Color correction: Chronis Theocharis, Sound Design: Municipality of Vryza

Director's Bio Sofia Lioulia is a teacher. She has studied Political Science and Sociology, while she specializes in language education for children with refugee and migrant background. Dreams on Wheels is her first documentary based on months of participatory observation in an Athens public school.

Short CV

The Network of Cooperative Schools of Chania with Freinet Pedagogy is a group of teachers of all specialties and levels, who believe that the school should be in daily dialogue, exchange and exchange with its environment. The experience of the people within the Network is made in terms of Freinet Pedagogy and Institutional Pedagogy, with an effort to involve all members in the decision-making process, in a continuous exercise in Democracy and democratic principles of organization. The aim of the Network is to create a "small ark" of ideas and pedagogical concepts for a free, open and collaborative school. The Chania Network as well as other Networks throughout Greece are supported and are in collaboration with the Pedagogical Team "Skasiarchio, Experimental palpations for a community school".