Director: Thanos Lyberopoulos
Writer: Thanos Lyberopoulos
Director of Photography: Yuri Charitidis
Editing: Thanos Lyberopoulos
Music: Anna Tarba
Production: Christos Pitharas
Country of Production: Greece
Runtime: 20 min
Production Year: 2021
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English

Cast: Konstantina Alexandratou, Marissa Triandafyllidou, Vangelis Evangelinos


Kalli, a young unemployed girl who lives with her oppressive mother, finds an outlet in the glitter, but cruel, world of YouTube and cosmetics, until she goes to extremes to satisfy the few subscribers, maintaining her perfect image.


Thanos Lyberopoulos

Thanos Lyberopoulos is a director and filmmaker.
Having musical training and releasing several albums with his occasional bands, the image (in all its manifestations) was the next expressive tool he chose to explore. He has directed/filmed dozens of music videos for artists from across the music spectrum such as Pavlina Voulgaraki, Orestis Dantos, Closer, White Symphony, and many others while he has served as director of photography in TV commercials and webseries.
In the field of cinema, he worked as a director of photography in several short films and documentaries. [A sealed idea by T. Panagopoulou, Route In by N. Pavlineris, Skeleton in a closet, Sea you by G. Vassilottos, Time of monsters by George Karalias, Diavata Prison Blues by D. Ignatiadis] etc. His first film, the short documentary "Dunaym" that reveals the story of a Kurdish political refugee hiding in Athens behind a quiet life has traveled to festivals all over Greece, from Chalkida, Kalamata, Chania, to Arta. His second film, fiction "Biouti" starring Konstantina Alxenadratou, Marissa Triandafyllidou and Vangelis Evangelinos, premiered at the Drama Film Festival 2021 and continues its festival journey at the Opening Nights, Microμ festival, PDIFF and more.