Children's radio

Radio, as Celestine Freinet said, is a useful and pivotal point of learning.

Animators: Ioanna Kolokytha, kindergarten teacher and Maro Velingou, kindergarten teacher, members of the Network of Cooperative Schools of Chania and the Pedagogical Team "Skasiarchio, Experimental palpations for a community school"

Workshop Day: Sunday 23 October 2022

Time: 10.00 – 13.00

Duration: 3 hours

Place of Implementation: Cultural Center of Chania

It is addressed to Teachers of all levels, to those who deal with children, up to twenty-five (25) people

A certificate of participation will be given


Workshop Description

Radio, as Celestine Freinet used to say, is a useful and pivotal learning point. It is a means of communication and free expression in return for the lost children's voices, redefining the relationship between teacher and student and the relationship of the school with the community. But how can we produce shows together with children? This experiential workshop will help you get started.

Short CV

The Network of Cooperative Schools of Chania with Freinet Pedagogy is a group of teachers of all specialties and levels, who believe that the school should be in daily dialogue, exchange and exchange with its environment. The experience of the people within the Network is made in terms of Freinet Pedagogy and Institutional Pedagogy, with an effort to involve all members in the decision-making process, in a continuous exercise in Democracy and democratic principles of organization. The aim of the Network is to create a "small ark" of ideas and pedagogical concepts for a free, open and collaborative school. The Chania Network as well as other Networks throughout Greece are supported and are in collaboration with the Pedagogical Team "Skasiarchio, Experimental palpations for a community school".