Director: Nikitas Sifonios, Angelos Barai
Writer: Nikitas Sifonios
, Maria Pesli, Kostas Vlachopoulos
Production: Center for Educational Activities & Intercultural Communication "Karpos", UNHCR Greece
Country of production: Greece
Runtime: 7 min
Production Year: 2023
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English


How can one manage loss? Is the trauma more intense when a person's life is taken by the police themselves? How can Roma speak up when society refuses to listen to them? How can they grieve when their lives are not valued by state institutions as worthy of living?

Πως μπορεί κανείς να διαχειριστεί την απώλεια; Είναι το τραύμα εντονότερο όταν η ζωή ενός ανθρώπου αφαιρείται από την ίδια την αστυνομία; Πως μπορούν οι Ρομά να μιλήσουν όταν η κοινωνία αρνείται να τους ακούσει; Πως μπορούν να πενθήσουν όταν οι ζωές τους δεν αξιολογούνται από τους κρατικούς θεσμούς ως άξιες να βιωθούν;


Nikitas Ifonios

He was born in 2000 in Athens and grew up there. He is currently an undergraduate student at the Agricultural University of Patras. Along with his studies, documentary photography won him over. His first work is the photographic series entitled "Balamos", where he focused experientially on Roma communities in Etoloakarnania. This series won first place in his "Student awards" competition.

Angel Barai

He is a photojournalist and documentary photographer. He was born in 1994 in Fier, Albania and immigrated with his family to Greece in 1998, where he grew up. His interest focuses mainly on social issues, such as human rights and migration in the Balkans. His work has received recognition both in Greece and abroad, among others from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation through the ARTWORKS Artist Fellowship Program, the Cultural Foundation of the Association of Daily Newspapers of Macedonia-Thrace and the International Organization for Migration (IOM)