First Bathroom


Director: Alexandros Kostopoulos
Writer: Alexandros Kostopoulos
Director of Photography: George Frentzos
Editing: Ioanna Spiliopoulou
Music: Spyros Bakos
Production: Ioanna Soultani, Soul Productions, Authorwave
Country of Production: Greece
Runtime: 15 min
Production Year: 2021
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English

Cast: Petros Lagoutis, Daphne Alexander, Margarita Kalamatianou


Last day of family summer holidays. The little girl wants to take her first bath without armrests, but her parents want to postpone it until next summer. An Allegory in the way Western societies behave towards the migration problem.


Alexandros Kostopoulos

He was born in Athens, Greece. He studied Film, Computer Sciences & Multimedia Technology.
His short film "First Swim" participated in many international film festivals (Trieste FF, In The Palace, Bengaluru ISFF, Foyle FF - special mention, Athens IFF). He made the TV documentaries "Speed of Light" and "Touching the intangible", produced by the Greek broadcaster.
The animated short film "Zebra's Island" is produced by the Greek Film Centre and the Greek broadcaster (currently in production).
She participated in several screenwriting and pitching workshops (Mediterranean Film Institute, In The Palace Filmer Forge Pitch, EKOME Storytelling, Drama Pitching Mini Talent Lab, Olympia Creative Ideas, Mecal).
He has been awarded by the Greek Scriptwriters Union and the Greek Directors Guild.
He has written a screenplay for a feature film, titled "Inertia", which participated in the Budapest Film Debut Forum.
He also wrote and directed the visual play "Antigone's New Adventures", based on Greek tragedy (special reference to the Annual Greek Student Art Competition).
He is a teacher in the film workshops "From comics to directing" and "Using musical films to teach expressive arts".