Having nowhere to go


Director: Loukas Agelastos, Spyridoula Gouskou
Editing: Loukas Agelastos
Production: Story Studios Films
Country of Production: Greece
Runtime: 67 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English


Thousands of homeless people in Greece experience social exclusion. At the same time, the state does not assume its responsibilities, violating social and human rights. Following the lives and problems of three homeless people in Athens, the documentary explores the state's failure to provide a safety net and examines possible solutions.


Loukas Agelastos

Loukas is a Greek-German film director. He initially studied Social Studies and Business Administration, started his creative career as a photographer and video producer and then studied Film at Raindance Film School, where he is now a master's mentor. His short film "The Line" (2019) with Alexandra Aidini was screened in many European festivals and screened on ERT. His interest focuses on social issues.

Together with Spyridoula, they have directed the award-winning feature documentary "I, the other man" (2017) and the short documentary "The unemployed man who cooks for the homeless" (2013).

Spyridoula Gouskou

Spyridoula studied Art Conservation, Acting and Cinema and is an award-winning photographer (National Geographic, University of Athens, etc.) and a documentary and fiction director.
Spyridoula's short films include "Two drops of water" (2020) with Dimitris Georgiadis. In 2022 he will direct the next short film of fiction, "Patinage", funded by ERT. He loves poetic cinema.