Kehayas – The Man of the Earth


Director: George Komakis
Director of Photography: Giorgos Komakis, Sergios Kolisikas
Editing: Tryfonas Karatzinas
Production: Giorgos Komakis
Country of Production: Greece
Runtime: 62 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English


"Kehagias - the man of the earth" is an ethnographic documentary filmed in Lemnos, the lowmost of the Aegean islands.

The Lemnian agro-breeder, the kehagias - according to the oral tradition of the place that gave birth to him - was a multifaceted and turbulent concept, mostly misunderstood. The documentary, through the narrative speech of the kehayades and their lived experience, comes to fill the already existing gap of official memory and local history for the existence of the group itself. Memories, oblivions, silences and identities help to illuminate the rural, economic and social history of the island, a mainly evolutionary basis. The history of the kehagiades group is nothing but a history lived from below, by subjects who until recently had no right to the official or written history and institutional memory of Lemnos.


George Komakis

George Komakis was born in Athens in May 1975. She studied acting at the drama school of Iakovos Kambanellis and directing at IEK Akmi in Athens. He has worked in Greek TV series and shows and has directed documentaries for ERT3 for
In recent years he has been living permanently on the island of Lemnos where he has created the amateur film group "Lxs cinema project", while working on his own projects.