Resistance Pentagram


Direction: Giannis Tsiachristas, Nikolas Papadimitriou
Writer: Giannis Tsiachristas, Nikolas Papadimitriou, Amalia Altinou, Jenny Tsiropoulou
Director of Photography: Amalia Altinou, Nikolas Papadimitriou,
Giannis Tsiachristas
Editing: Dimitris Kalfakis, Nikolas Papadimitriou, Giannis Tsiachristas
Production: Yannis Tsiachristas, Nikolas Papadimitriou, Amalia Altinou, Jenny Tsiropoulou, Dimitris Kalfakis
Country of Production: Greece
Duration: 26 min
Production Year: 2020
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English

Narration: Eleanna Papachristou


The history of guerrilla songs during the period of occupation-resistance 1941-1944 in Greece. The documentary examines how they were created, how they were rescued, what ideas they expressed and how even today they continue to be relevant and inspire people fighting for a better world.


Nikolas Papadimitriou

Nikolas Papadimitriou is a documentary filmmaker based in Athens. She has graduated from the Department of Social Anthropology of Panteion University as well as from the Digital Film Making Department of the Sae Institute. In 2020 she graduated with a scholarship from the postgraduate program of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean. His main interests include the themes of urban space, work and the body.

Giannis Tsiachristas

Yannis Tsiachristas studied Sociology at Panteion University and at the MSc in Sociology of the University of Crete. I graduated from the MSc in Culture, Documentary Film Production of the University of the Aegean. His first documentary Pothos (2017) won the best short documentary award at the 5th AegeanDocs International Documentary Festival in Mytilene.