Sacred Art – Weavers of Crete


Director: Konstantina Palli
Writer: Konstantina Palli
Director of Photography: Nickolay Dorozhkin
Editing: Nickolay Dorozhkin
Music: Yiannis Vardas
Production: Aristea Plevri
Country of Production: Greece
Runtime: 50 min
Production Year: 2021
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English


Weaving was the second product exported by the Minoan civilization after olive oil. Until modern times, domestic "heavy industry" remained. The documentary approaches the stories of modern weavers, their relationship with ancient art and their connection with today's reality.

Through interviews with people involved in weaving in various manifestations, we attempt to shed light on an art that becomes relevant again and takes its rightful place in the modern world.



Konstantina Palli

Born in Athens in 1973, Konstantina Palli is a Greek actress and director, both for cinema and theater.
In 1992 he entered the Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS-RATI) in Moscow, Russia, at the Drama School with the Artistic Director V.A. Andreev and graduated in 1996.
After graduation, Konstantina taught drama at the Athens Drama School of Diomedes Photiadis and played in various theatrical companies. Performances included: Romeo and Julliet, Mandragor, Martirima, The Executors, Money Rush, The Thief and more.
From 2000-2006 she worked in Heraklion, Crete as a theatrologist and director at the Theatrical Workshop of the Ariadne Rehabilitation Center and taught theatrical performance to Afghan refugees at the Shelter for the Protection of Unaccompanied Minors in Anogia, Crete. In 2007, he founded the theatre company, Sotto Voce, for which he wrote and directed many plays that gained international recognition.
In 2008 her performance of Medea (based on the tragedy of Jean Anouilh and Euripides) participated in many international theatre festivals in Russia and Europe, winning "One of the eight best monologues of the year" (The Baltic House Theatre) and "Achievement in Ancient Drama Bitola" (North Macedonia).
Due to the success of Medea, the Dostoevsky Museum in Saint Petersburg asked Konstantina to write and direct Dream of a Ridiculous Man, based on Dostoevsky's novel. It was the first Greek play to premiere in this museum and received the Best Dramaturgy award at the Bitola Monodrama Festival. He played for several years in Crete.
Konstantina Palli owns a theatre workshop called "Synecho" where she teaches drama and develops plays on a non-profit basis.
Immediately after the first wave of the pandemic crisis, in May 2020, Konstantina founded the theater company Queen Bees, together with her former students of the Drama School "NOTOS". Their first performance "Vagina's Monologues" was based on "Vagina's Monologues" by Eve Ensler and was screened in Crete. Today, the Queen Bees are working on their second show "La Poupe".
Konstantina also works as a vocal instructor at the Music Education Lab in Heraklion, which is a partner of Codarts Music University Rotterdam. She teaches contemporary vocals and has dozens of music students.
Konstantina taught Stanislavski's method at the drama school "NOTOS" in Heraklion for several years. She has conducted dozens of seminars on drama and film making and is the founder of the International Film Festival, IndieCrete. She directs films, commercials, documentaries and music videos for Studio Rosso, a film company owned together with her Russian husband, Nikolai Dorozkin, director and director of photography.
Studio Rosso has been producing highly successful short films since 2014 with its five films currently in post-production. Diminished (2014) was invited to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival and won several awards at the International Film Festival, including Best Actress, Best Original Screenplay, Best Film (Audience Award) and Best Original Score.