The Man Behind the Mountain


Director: Nektarios Souldatos
Writer: Nektarios Souldatos
Music: Yiannis Galazoulas, Nikos Ziros, Dimitris Economou
Production: Nektarios Souldatos
Country of Production: Greece
Runtime: 28 min
Production Year: 2022
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English

Cast: Yiannis Galazoulas


Yiannis has abandoned life in the city.

He didn't feel anxious about loneliness. He preferred to live alone on a mountain. He went to build a shack with his bare hands on the slope – actually on a cliff – of a mountain range that is not accessible by road, to ensure his tranquility.

Due to the mountainous landscape, the horizon is very jagged but this cannot disturb its inner peace. It has nothing to do with the forest. It is part of the forest. He lives without electricity, but has a spring with fresh water. He grows his own vegetables, fruits, legumes, chestnuts and whatever the mountain offers or needs to survive.

And all this without any vehicle and heavy machinery, without any power consumption.

Only by listening to the spirit of the forest and revealing its truth through hard solitary work.


Nektarios Souldatos

Nektarios Souldatos studied as a cameraman in Greece and since then he has been working as a camera assistant, cameraman and director of photography. Meanwhile, he has experience in various other positions on set and crew, and as an editor, in television and film, with extensive experience in documentaries.
This is his first job as a director.