Venus de Milo - The Most Beautiful Woman in the World


Direction: Natacha Giler
Scenario: Natacha Giler
Director of Photography: Carlos Muñoz
Montage: Cecile Perraut
Music: Timothée Girerd
Country of production: Greece, France
Runtime: 61 min
Production Year: 2023
Language: French, Greek, English
Subtitles: English



Since its discovery in 1820, the Venus de Milo has not ceased to inspire and fascinate. What gives her this power? How, of all the ancient masterpieces, did he stand out as a timeless and universal pop icon? Two hundred years after her arrival at the Louvre, we will rediscover her history and reveal what lies behind one of the most beautiful enigmas in art history.


Natacha Giler

Natacha Giler, trained in editing, began working with experienced directors – specifically on archival documentaries. At the same time she writes and directs her own documentaries. Her favorite themes are often inspired by the fortunes of extraordinary women – "Grisélidis Réal, carnet de bals" (activist, prostitute, writer), "Talking like her" (a French-American film about a folk singer who disappeared in the '70s) or "The convoy of the 31,000," based on the writings of Charlotte Delbo.

He also directed portraits of Boris Vian, Ginette Kolinka and Beethoven.
Her films have been made mainly for Arte and Toute l'Histoire/Mediawan. He has edited numerous documentaries for all French channels, including those of Michel Royer, an expert on archive-based films. He had moved to New York City from 2012 to 2015. He is a graduate of ESEC (Ecole Supérieure d'Etudes Cinématographiques).