Animators: Ougrinis Konstantinos - Alketas, Vgontzas Ioannis, Kraniotakis Fivos

Workshop Day: 24-25/10/2022

Time : Monday 24/10 18:00 – 21:00 & Tuesday 25/10 13:00- 16:00

Duration: 3 hours

Laboratory Description:

The workshop is based on Radford's theory, which emphasizes the need for a hybrid experiential effort in gaining experiences from trainee architects through role-playing theory. This process will "bring" the participants in situations in which they will have to experience the imaginary and then visualize it.

The laboratory consists of two parts. One will host the process of the imaginary and the second the imaging techniques. In one part, the ability to retain the greatest possible quantity and quality of images produced in the imagination is cultivated. In the other part, various ways and techniques of organizing and visualizing information in a fast and reliable way are presented

The method followed to enhance the imaginary process and better mental stylization of space comes from role-playing games. In this context, participants are invited to create characters with specific qualities and abilities that will have to be a goal through the game

The use of role-playing games for educational purposes has been shown to be highly reinforcing, especially in immersion-based learning processes.

Short Bio:

The TIE Lab was founded in 2012, with the vision of developing methodologies and tools that will transform, activate and strengthen the relationship between people and space, expanding their perception of their understanding and strengthening their ability to use it.

Cityscape is an innovative, interactive way of teaching, which achieves the transmission of information through an educational platform based on role-playing games and game-learning techniques. It was created in Chania in 2015 for the purpose of the course "Depiction of the Imaginary" of the Department of Architecture of the Technical University of Crete.