1922 – Nikos Koundouros


Shape: 14×21
Pages: 44
Publication Date: 2022
ISBN: 978-618-5364-61-8
Publication: “Compass of the City” Publications for the Chania Film Festival


2022 marks 100 years since the Asia Minor Catastrophe. 100 years
national memory and the 10th Chania Film Festival holds its premiere
with the emblematic and unsurpassed film “1922” by Nikos Koundouros.
The film narrates, through the personal tragedy of three persons, the Asia Minor
Destruction and martyrdom of the Greeks of Asia Minor, who were arrested
and led to death by Kemal’s troops and armed groups
Based on the autobiographical novel by Elias Venezis “The Number 31328” the
1978 film production “1922” under the direction of Nikos
Koundouros and the lens of Nikos Kavoukidis captured with raw honesty the horror
the events of the Asia Minor Catastrophe.
This book follows the course of the film highlighting young and old
her moments.