Let me come with you – Aleka Paizis 1919-2009 (Theatrical Monologue)


Author: Niki Troullinou

Shape: 14×21
Pages: 58
Publication Date: 2022
ISBN: 978-618-5364-60-1
Publication: “Compass of the City” Publications for the Chania Film Festival


Some people’s lives are not just their lives, they are the History of a whole
period and their microhistories, their photographs, their papers, often give no
just the climate of their weather but they write in their details and the great
History. Especially when we talk about the Occupation and the Civil War in Greece, the
Dictatorship of 1967, especially when we are talking about persons and even women who
they found themselves in front of struggles, hardships and in their Art, faithful priestesses.

The life of actress Aleka Paizis through a theatrical monologue as depicted
by author Niki Troullinou.