Chania outside the walls


Format: 21×28
Pages: 384
Reprint: April 2002
ISBN: 139789607018670
Publication: TEE/Department of Western Crete

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The wider area of Chania has been inhabited continuously from the Neolithic era until today. The favorable conditions of the natural environment contributed to this continuous habitation, some of which are: The presence of water (sources of Agia, Stylos, Armeni, torrents of Kladissos, Keritis), the existence of good agricultural land (plain of Chania), the climate that is suitable for human living and intensive cultivation of the land and the presence of the natural bay of Souda with its strategic importance. From the long history of the area there are many remains. More complete samples left the Middle Ages and the Turkish occupation. In modern Greek history, where the present effort is mentioned, the region of Chania occupies an important place from the revolutionary times until Eleftherios Venizelos and the Second World War. There are many monuments of this period with panhellenic radiance. (From the introduction of the publication)

Author: Klado – Bletsa, Emilia