Computer texts and their didactic approach in the early school years


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The book consists of two parts. The first part, the theoretical, includes informative material on the informative texts and relevant teaching proposals. This material was structured mainly on the basis of the principles of “distance learning” (Kokkos, Lionarakis, Matralis & Panagiotopoulos, 1999). The second part includes didactic activities implemented in preschool classes, which aimed at the didactic approach of the informative texts, so that children gradually begin to come into contact with them and understand their content.

The material was produced in the framework of an innovative research-training distance program for the professional development of teachers in the didactic approach of information texts in preschool education (A distance education course for professional development regarding the instructional approach of informational texts in preschool education). The design and implementation of the program was done by a research team consisting of: Popi Kassotakis-Psaroudaki (scientific coordinator), Maria Abartzaki (for the school year 2012-2013) and Nikolaos Dovros. The program was evaluated and awarded by the Federation of European Literacy Associations (FELA) and was implemented during the school years 2012-2014 in an experimental group of twenty-four (24) kindergarten teachers of various formal qualifications, ages, teaching experience and geographical areas in the Regional Unit of Chania.

Based on the premise that lifelong learning and adult education require the development of autonomous action on the part of the learner, the learning of the participating teachers, although supported in various ways by the research team, was largely self-directed and based mainly on their readiness, will and actions aimed at their self-education. The teachers themselves recognized and evaluated their educational needs on the topic of the program and planned the teaching practices in their classroom. Also an important parameter of the implementation of the training program were the learning and practice subgroups created within it, in the context of which teachers from different areas (urban – rural and remote) with different formal qualifications and teaching experience communicated, interacted and collaborated for the performance of a common project.

Scientific Editing – Theoretical Part

Popi Kassotaki – Psaroudaki