The Power of Storytelling Literary Readings & Creative Expression


Format: 22×21.5
Pages: 144
Publication Date: 2022
Edition: “Compass of the City” Publications

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Athina Doulia

The Power of Storytelling, Literary Readings and Creative Expression is addressed to teachers, parents, librarians, scholars and to those who believe in the important and multifaceted contribution of storytelling to the psychospiritual development, empowerment and maturation of the individual. It aspires on the one hand to inculcate the love for books and on the other hand to highlight the multifaceted importance of storytelling in the cognitive, social and emotional development of the child through the rich semantics and interpretive power and imagination of the stories. The book gleans studies and articles on fairytale and children’s literature, ideas of creative expression and pedagogical exploitation of stories inside and outside the classroom, as well as contemporary theoretical and literary proposals of children’s literature in various thematic fields. At the same time, issues related to the art and technique of storytelling and its exploitation in various disciplines and innovative programs are analyzed. In addition, an attempt is being made to refer to the creators of children’s literature of Crete, where in recent years the author lives and is active. The aim of this book is to highlight the crucial contribution of storytelling to the life of the individual by cultivating values, empathy and skills for his/her better preparation and empowerment in the management of contemporary social and interpersonal issues that concern him/her.